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The ultimate tool for all gated societies to manage and maintain each and every aspect of the society to strengthen its facilities and security measures. Includes accounting, billing, helpdesk, communication, security and more.

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Your society will feel like it’s from the future

The ultimate tool for all gated societies.

Hassle-free entry and exit process for visitors

One tap control for allowing or denying visitors

Acknowledge visitor's arrival to the resident through Tring-Tring bell on resident's mobile

Record details of each visitor (with photo) using SMS OTP for authentication

Inform each family member about the arrival of a visitor via the Civilbit Mobile App

Pay maintenance online. Powerful accounting & billing.

Assist the society in setting a budget

Generate collections and invoices for apartments

Track the maintenance charges and other incomes. Keep track of defaulters and penalties

Online payment of maintenance charges using cash or wallets. Wallet sharing authorizes each family members to clear dues

House-help and maid management

Validate and record entry/exit time of every maid. Alerts on mobile about the arrival/departure of maids

Check on mobile whether maid is present in society

Trusted housing services at the click of finger

Never fight over parking ever again

Keep the record of parking area allotted to each resident

In case of emergency, a resident can contact the owner of a vehicle immediately

Keep an eye on any unauthorized vehicle movement. Identify vehicles without any parking area

No car? No problem. Try carpool.

Get in touch with the people taking the same route, and schedule car pools together

Carpool helps saving time and money

Reduce traffic problems both in and outside the society

Helpdesk always at your service. 24x7.

Residents can raise problem for their own flat or the common areas. Attach photos and videos to explain the problem better.

Society can then help you match with the right person for solving your problem.

Full visibility of the progress of the raised problem

Stay updated about what's up

Send important information and notices through different channels (app/email/SMS)

Promote notices multiple times for giving special emphasis

Interface between RWA and residents for all important communications

Make yourself heard in decision making

Create polls for all residents or a sub group and help in RWA in decision making

Residents feel engaged in decision making and hence abide to change more seriously

Boost the questions multiple times

Staff management at its finest

Mark the entry / exit of the staff members (gardner, electrician, plumber, society manager, etc.)

Management committee can get attendance reports of any staff member with precalculated salary

Manage the contact and work details of all staff members

Panic alert

Civilbit ensures that your safety is a priority. Emergency SOS Button raises an alarm on the devices at the security gate.

Print on demand

Get rid of maintaining a home printer with easy page/file upload features. No minimum order required and beneficial for children as well as elders.

Donate food

Not for profit undertaking in partnership with society residents. Raise pickup of leftover food after hygienic packaging and we deliver to the needy.

Taqwa saves Rs 1,00,000 per month and countless hours of time with Civilbit automation!

— Suraj Kumar

President of Taqwa



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