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Scale up your retail stores. From one to many. Ensure adherence to compliances. Bring all your staff and stores in one place.

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Your stores will feel like they’re from the future

Bring all your staff and stores in one place.

Ensure adherence to recurring compliances with checklists

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, use checklists to keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

Ditch paper, email, and excel sheets forever

Fully customize your checklist templates

Know that the team is actually doing work or not - location, device and identity compliance

Templates and use cases for checklists

Never start from scratch. Use our library of hundreds of pre-made checklist templates to quickly make your own checklists. Add your custom items anytime.

Store Opening Checklist

Get your stores ready to open their doors to customers in the morning. A standardized SOP of everyday tasks.

Regional Manager Visit Checklist

Allow upper management to visit stores and have a systematic list of things for them to inspect and report back.

Health & Safety Checklist

Ensure that your staff is of sound health and fir for their day to day job.

Store Asset Maintenance Checklist

Periodic checks of hardware, software and utilities to ensure smooth operations.

Marketing Collateral Checklist

Checklist of branding and marketing material placed throughout the store.

Local Compliance Documentation

Any local area rules applicable to your store? Ensure compliance to stay safe.

+ 100 more templates

Get insights, trends and forecasts on what matters

Have central focus of business visible to everyone on beautiful dashboards and charts

Get a bird’s eye view on your business

Know what needs decisions

Get a 360 view of people, locations, customers, anything!

Get staff and stores in sync

Easily add all your store staff and get them on the same page w.r.t business growth. Sit back and relax while your team does work for you.

Add all of your staff as users - from managers to delivery men

Add role based permissions for controlling access level

Avoid miscommunications and delays

Feel the freedom of mobility. Dont be tied to your desk.

Get a 360 view of people, locations, customers, anything from wherever you are in the world in the palm of your hand.

All features available on mobile app

Available on Android and iOS

Collect any kind of data, from anyone, anywhere

Use custom forms to make any kind of form to collect any kind of data from anyone.

Custom field types including text, number, selection, email, file upload, and more

Make data driven decisions based on the collected data from forms

Send collected data to any tool of your choice

Works with your existing software and branding

Customise the look and feel of ReTale to match your brand. Make it seamlessly work with your current product stack.

Custom design, branding and white labeling

Easy integrations in your favourite BI application

Connect the tools you already use with 100+ integrations

Attabot molds your imagination into tech based platform and makes your product so attractive in terms of user interface and visualization. Support is available 24X7 to troubleshoot and to provide the solutions at first hand itself. Love to have Attabot apps for us!

— Saurabh Chaturvedi

Spencer's Retail Ltd



Reports on time



Data driven decisions

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